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**All waxing services come with a complimentary High Frequency treatment to treat and prevent ingrowns weh! 

Only the best hard, strip-less wax is used to minimize pain. It shrinks wraps to the hair versus sticking to the skin making it the best method for hair removal. 

It doesn't harbor bacteria like surgaring and much more sanitary than threading. 


Brow w/Brazilian...$12

Designer Brow {shape, wax & tint}....$35




Arm {full}...$55

Arm {half}...$40

Leg {full}...$85

Leg {half}...$60



Betweeny {high thong cut}...$45+

All the way to Brazil...$65-70


Lash Lift & Tint...$90

-For a proper wax, hair must be at least 1/4 inch long. 

-If you are feeling sensitive, take 2 ibuprofen 20 minutes before your appointment time. 

-No shaving between waxing appointments. 

-No direct sunlight or extremely hot water on the area 12-24 pst wax. It is important to wear sunblock, especially on post face waxing. 

-NO waxing if you are taking or using any medications that thin the skin such as Accutane or Retin_A. 

-The skin is more sensitive the week before your menstrual cycle so waxing may feel more painful. 

-Plan on being pink in the freshly waxed area. For some people that mild inflammation will go away quickly and others might need 12-24 hours. 

-Exfoliate between waxing appointments to avoid ingrown hairs and smooth the skin.  

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