FOCUS Xpress Facial {prioritized for what you need}...$70

Peel or Enzyme Add-on....$10

Peels: {Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic}

Acne Treatment Peel......$70

Anti-aging Peel......$75

*Peels have best results in a series of 4-6 


Micro + Peel .....$95

Dermaplaning..... $70

Dermaplaning + Peel or Enzyme... $90


Microneedling {Collagen Induction Therapy}....$190 

This treatment, also commonly referred to as microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy, works by creating microscopic lesions in the skin using a pen with a stamping technique and infusing human growth factor cells into the skin during treatment. The treatment works by inducing trauma all the way to the dermis, after which the skin races to heal itself by creating new skin tissue. The growth factors increase that rate drastically and the result is a dramatic reduction of hyperpigmentation, increase in collagen, reduction in fine lines and even texture. This is a great treatment for anti-aging as well as for treating acne scarring and lesions.