Laminate Brows

What is Laminate Brows (AKA Brow Lift)?  The newest trend in 2019, this technique helps to correct asymmetrical eyebrows while solving the problem of hairs growing in different directions. The result? A beautiful eye brow shape that looks natural yet fierce all while using your natural brows. Lasting up to 2 months.  $82 {$89 w/tint + shape}

Keratin Lash Lift

What is as a lash lift? You can put down your lash curler! A lash lift is a completely safe alternative to lash extensions with little to no maintenance lasting 8-12 weeks, lifting your natural lash giving them more definition and the illusion of length. This service is ideal for people with straight eyelashes or ones that are looking for an alternative to lash extensions. Lash tint tops off this service for $90 {45 min}




Full Body Waxing + Brazilian Wax + 3d brows + Microblading + Male Waxing + Brows + Lash Lift